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Animal Control

Professional Animal Control Services

Discovering you have wildlife hiding in your roofing or other areas around your property can be an unpleasant experience. Rid-A-Critter expertly and responsibly restores peace and structural integrity to your home. Our professional, friendly team is well-versed in animal control, from the initial inspection to the final repairs. With a passion for excellent customer service and attention to detail, the Rid-A-Critter experts will humanely remove animals and seal your home from possible future recurrence.

The Importance of Protecting Your Home from Wildlife Nuisance 

Wildlife contamination can be unsettling, with noise and property damage as just a few of many risks. Protecting your home and addressing animal infestation is essential. By acting promptly, you can: 

  • Protect your home against structural damage.
  • Guard against further deterioration of your roofing and ceiling.
  • Secure your home by addressing holes
  • Repair battered siding before it worsens.
  • Replace insulation degraded by shedding, parasites and other harmful contaminants. 
Opossum Removal

Animal Control in Georgia and Alabama

The expert team at Rid-A-Critter effectively removes animals from your home and prevents recurrence. With two decades of experience and dedication to impeccable services, our animal control services are humane and seamless: 

  • We inspect the infestation and remove the animals safely.
  • We repair damage to your insulation caused by wildlife contamination and the animal removal process.
  • Our team will seal any cracks, holes, crevices and gaps to prevent re-infestation. 
  • We specialize in repairing damage to your property due to wildlife and can restore your home to its pre-contamination condition.

Our professional animal control services in Georgia and Alabama ensure you get a complete wildlife solution to fortify your home for added peace of mind.

Poison-Free Animal Removal: Our Values

Rid-A-Critter values a comprehensive animal control and prevention process that respects wildlife while protecting your home from unwanted critters. As a long-standing National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) member, we combine wildlife expertise with humane methods for effective, poison-free animal control. With professional knowledge of animal behavior, stinging animal control, dead animal removal and other animal control services, we restore your home to pre-contamination conditions. 

We inspect your property, safely remove the animals, seal any crevices and restore damages caused by wildlife for a comprehensive solution.

Bat Removal

Choosing Humane Animal Control

We understand that wildlife contamination of your home is a significant inconvenience, but you may also have concerns about the animal’s welfare. Rid-A-Critter shares your sentiments. We take an environmentally friendly approach with our process, releasing the animals without harm. We provide animal control for the following wildlife:

  • Birds
  • Bats
  • Opossums
  • Rodents
  • Raccoons
  • Snakes
  • Miscellaneous animals
  • Dead animals

Home Animal Removal and Exclusion With Rid-A-Critter

We effectively remove animals from your home with eco-friendly methods and employ preventative tactics to keep wildlife out. With our years of industry experience and the requisite know-how, you can rest assured the team at Rid-A-Critter will restore peace and tranquility to your home. Call your nearest Rid-A-Critter today at the numbers below:

  • Georgia: 770-685-7756
  • Alabama: 205-255-1590
  • Nationwide: 888-255-0973

You can also contact us through our online form or request a quote to get started.

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