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Opossum Removal

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Opossum Trapping, Removal, and Exclusion in Georgia & Alabama

The opossum (or simply “possum,” as opossums are often called) is one of the odder-looking animals native to Georgia & Alabama. Opossums are throughout our North Georgia service areas and most of North America. They have long, rat-like prehensile tails, five-toed feet with opposable thumbs whose prints look almost like miniature human footprints, dog-like jaws with sharp teeth, and big, round, hairless ears. No wonder that some have described the opossum as looking like it was created from “God’s spare parts!”

The opossum is also one of the most misunderstood wildlife species found in America. Because of their long, rat-like tails, many people believe the opossum to be rodents. But they’re not. So please don’t refer to opossum as rodents. They get highly insulted.

At Rid-A-Critter, we understand the unique challenges property owners face with nuisance wildlife, and we specialize in the humane and comprehensive management of such situations, including expert opossum trapping and removal. As native creatures to Georgia and Alabama, opossums can often become unwanted guests, finding refuge in attics or basements. Our approach focuses not only on effective opossum trap placement but also on identifying the root of the problem – why your space is attractive to these critters in the first place. Navigating the snug corners of attics and similar spaces is our specialty; we ensure that opossum feces, which can pose health risks, and all remnants of the animal’s presence are thoroughly cleared.

Opossums are Marsupials

The opossum is North America’s only native marsupial. Marsupials are animals who raise their infant young in a marsupium, or pouch, on the mother’s body. The ‘possum is a cousin to the kangaroo and the koala, and is completely unrelated to the rats, despite their rat-like tails.

In fact, not only are opossums, not rodents, they’ll eat rodents, so they help keep rat and mouse populations down. Their other preferred foods include insects, snails, carrion, berries, over-ripe fruits, and grasses; but when push comes to shove, an opossum will eat pretty much anything. Finally, although ‘possums have a reputation for being “dumb as dirt,” they’re pretty bright as four-legged critters go. This can make opossum control pretty challenging at times.

Opossums are usually harmless. They are passive by nature and rarely attack humans or domestic animals. They have a fairly low risk of rabies. They don’t generally dig up yards or otherwise destroy property, and what little damage they do to crops is generally trivial and is outweighed by their usefulness in keeping the rodent population down. So for the most part, opossums who wander through your yard looking for a mouse or rat to eat can probably be left alone.

Aside from being funny-looking as all get out, they do more good than harm. But there are a few situations in which professional opossum trapping or control is necessary.

Opossum Removal

Providing top-tier services, our team of wildlife control professionals is dedicated to delivering complete opossum removal from your property with the utmost respect for the animals and your home. This commitment extends to commercial wildlife control aspects, offering businesses the assurance of maintaining a pest-free environment. Opossums, though generally non-aggressive, can cause significant damage to property and ruin the peace and comfort of your home or business. Our removal services address these specific concerns, ensuring your space is returned to its critter-free state.

When is Opossum Control Necessary for Nuisance Wildlife?

Opossums are usually harmless. Aside from being funny-looking, they usually don’t bother anyone. But when an opossum takes up residence in your basement, attic, garage, shed, barn, or other building and doesn’t leave on its own within a few days, then opossum control is needed. ‘Possum trapping should be followed by repairs and exclusion to keep opossums out in the future.

Another case in which ‘possum control is necessary is around horse ranches, stables, and corrals. Opossums are capable of transmitting a parasite known as Sarcocystis neurona, which causes a serious equine disease called Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM). Proper exclusion of opossums (and other animals) from areas where horses are kept, as well as the elimination of wild animal attractants, are important parts of protecting valuable horses from EPM and helping to prevent other arboviral and parasitic equine diseases.

At Rid-A-Critter, we’re often asked when opossum control becomes a matter of urgency for nuisance wildlife situations. The answer isn’t always straightforward, but there are clear signs that indicate it’s time to take action. For starters, these marsupials become an issue when you start to discover evidence of them nesting in the cozy confines of your attics. Opossums are known to seek out the warmth and shelter of a home, and once inside, they can be particularly destructive. The need for animal removal becomes urgent because of the potential damage they can inflict on insulation and electrical wiring in your home.

Opossum Removal

This not only creates an unsightly situation around your home but can also pose health risks as opossums, like other wildlife, can carry disease. This is where we come in, our wildlife trapping and opossum control strategies are designed to safely remove these critters and help prevent future invasions.

Opossums can be quite persistent, which is why multiple removal attempts are sometimes necessary. Our methods include setting up humane traps and exclusion techniques that keep these animals out of your home for good. Whether it’s one opossum or a family making themselves at home in your attics, we’re ready to provide the solution. Removing these creatures is about ensuring the comfort, safety, and hygiene of your home environment.

Our team is well-trained in all aspects of animal removal. We take opossum control seriously because we understand that these seemingly harmless animals can cause significant disruption if effective pest management is not implemented. Our approach isn’t just about the one-time removal; it’s a comprehensive service that includes identifying potential entry points and securing them to prevent re-entry.

It’s clear that when opossums encroach on our living spaces, professional help is needed to remove and prevent further nuisance wildlife challenges. So, whether you’re hearing the telltale rustling in your attics or discover insulation and wire damage, don’t hesitate to call us. We’re here to ensure your home remains a safe sanctuary, free from the troubles that nuisance wildlife like opossums can bring.

Expert Wildlife Trapping: Protecting Our Community from Opossum Problems

As dedicated wildlife experts, we at Rid-A-Critter understand that opossum trapping is a necessary service to protect both people and property from the risks of nuisance wildlife. Opossums, while generally non-aggressive, can become unwelcome guests in your spaces, leading to potential disease transmission and damage to structures. Our skilled technicians specialize in comprehensive wildlife trapping techniques, ensuring that every opossum removal is conducted humanely and effectively. Our services don’t stop at removal, we provide customized solutions tailored to your home and your pest infestation needs.

Not only do we aim to remove nuisances, but we also strive to educate our clients on the importance of proactive measures. Nuisance wildlife, like opossums, can be charming from a distance. But, don’t forget the disease risks and property threats they can pose. When you contact Rid-A-Critter, you’re not only resolving an immediate issue, but you’re also equipping yourself with the knowledge and support of our wildlife experts to prevent future incidents. Our goal is to maintain the delicate balance between human spaces and wildlife habitats, ensuring safe, coexisting environments for all.

Local Wildlife Experts – Your Trusted Choice for Opossum Removal Services

At Rid-A-Critter, our team of local wildlife experts specializes in the humane and effective removal of unwanted guests from your property. We understand the unique challenges that opossums can present. When these critters take up residence in your house, under your porch, or within your walls, they’re not just a nuisance; they pose real threats of damage. As seasoned wildlife experts, we’ve seen firsthand the extent of destruction and contamination caused by these nocturnal pests – from gnawed electrical wires to compromised structural integrity. Our comprehensive opossum removal services are designed not just to remove the animals but to ensure they don’t return.

Perhaps you’ve heard the telltale scratching at night or noticed the signs of critters on your property. That’s when it’s time to call in the pros. Rid-A-Critter’s animal removal services are tailored to handle the specific behavior of ‘possums, ensuring that these marsupials are trapped and removed with the least stress to the animal and the most peace of mind for you. Don’t wait until the damage escalates; learn about our prevention strategies and take action to protect your house.

Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is why so many call Rid-A-Critter the trusted choice for wildlife management solutions. You can count on us to provide timely, reliable services every time you need help with rodent and critter control. We’re here to answer your call, assess the situation, and provide a swift resolution. If you suspect ‘possum activity on your property, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our local wildlife experts are equipped and ready to restore order and peace to your home. With Rid-A-Critter’s dedicated professionals on the job, rest assured that any opossum control issues will be handled with precision and care. For unmatched animal removal services that protect your house from damage and ensure your safety, learn about our ‘possum removal solutions. With offices throughout our service area, we have the tools and personnel to handle any animal control job. Contact us today to schedule service.


Note: We don’t do outdoor or removal only. Because we really do value addressing the root cause of the issue, the cost of all our services include exclusion work as well. If you have any questions, please give us a call. 

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