Snake Removal

Snake Removal

Professional Snake Removal & Exclusion Services

Snakes are essential for managing the rodent population in Alabama and Georgia, but they can become a nuisance and even a danger if they slither their way into our homes. That’s why at Rid-A-Critter, we’re dedicated to removing snakes from Alabama and Georgia homes, and sealing up any entry points to ensure they don’t return.

Home Snake Removal Services

The intrusion of snakes and other wildlife poses a hazard to the security and tranquility of your household. Rid-A-Critter is ready to help you out. We recognize the need for prompt and efficient snake removal, particularly in venomous cases. The Rid-A-Critter squad will work to remove any intruders quickly with minimal harm, and we’ll take steps to prevent them from returning. Our objective extends beyond removal to establishing lasting control measures. 

Our Snake Removal Approach

Snakes play an important role in our ecosystems, so killing them does more harm than good. Our approach as a snake removal company is proactive, humane and prevention-oriented. Our snake removal methodology respects the ecological balance while protecting your space from scaly intruders.

Rid-A-Critter takes a comprehensive approach to snake removal and control. We understand that if one snake made it’s way into your home, it’s likely that more will follow. Rather than employ a quick-fix approach and remove the snake from the premises, the cost of all our services factor in both snake removal and exclusion. That way you can rest at night knowing your house is snake-proof, and your family is protected.

Our process begins with safely and humanely removing the snakes from your home or property. Our team of trained and experienced snake removal specialists has comprehensive experience handling venomous and nonvenomous snakes. 

After the snake has been removed from your premises, our trained team pinpoints areas on your property that might attract snakes, such as water reservoirs, thick vegetation or accumulations of debris where rodents — snakes’ favored prey — may dwell. We’ll seal every crack, gap and crevice to keep unwanted visitors out of your home. 

Rid-A-Critter is an ideal choice for snake removal and prevention services in Georgia and Alabama. Rather than focusing solely on removing the snake, we safeguard your property against its reentry. After employing Rid-A-Critter’s services, you will have peace of mind that your home is safe from snakes returning. 

Snake Control in Georgia and Alabama

For residents in Georgia and Atlanta, specialized wildlife removal is essential when dealing with snake invasions — and Rid-A-Critter goes far beyond the simple task of removal. We utilize innovative strategies, advanced knowledge and respect for nature’s creatures to keep them where they belong. If you want to learn more about our process, check out our YouTube channel! You can also contact us for expert snake removal services whenever needed.


Note: We do not do outdoor removal. We focus on snake exclusion and preventative services for homes which includes removal. We believe in identifying and fixing the root of the issue rather than servicing one-off removals.

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