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Snake Removal

Snake Removal

Snake Removal and Control

Snakes are reptiles belonging to the suborder Serpentes. They are found in most parts of the world, but like cold-blooded animals in general, snakes are especially common in warm climates like those of our Georgia & Alabama service area. Humane snake removal and control is one of our most in-demand summer wildlife control services. Like all cold-blooded animals, snakes become more active as the temperature increases, so we get a lot of calls for snake removal during the warmer months. But most snakes are harmless and greatly beneficial, so there really is no such thing as a “snake exterminator.”

Encountering a snake on your property can be an unnerving experience. Whether these serpents are common snakes like rat snakes, water snakes, and garter snakes, or they’re the more alarming venomous snakes such as rattlesnakes, the need for effective snake removal and control can’t be overstated. Often, these reptiles are simply passing through, searching for food or shelter. However, when snakes decide to live closer to your home, it becomes a problem for homeowners due to the potential risk to people and pets.

At Rid-A-Critter, we understand that the presence of wildlife, including various snake species, can pose a threat to the safety and comfort of your home environment. As a seasoned pest control and wildlife removal service, we’re equipped to handle situations where wildlife control becomes necessary. Our trained experts are well-trained at spotting the areas on your property that might attract these animals, such as dense foliage, water sources, or heaps of debris where rodents – a snake’s preferred meal – may nestle.

Snake prevention starts with modifying the habitat around your property to make it less appealing to these slithery visitors. Removing tall grasses, piles of rocks, and clearing clutter can deter snakes from making your property their home. Garter snakes, in particular, are known to hide in unkempt lawns, while a water snake would find an unkempt pond irresistible. Part of snake control involves regular inspection of the areas around your home, which is a service that Rid-A-Critter proudly provides. We’re equipped with advanced snake traps that safely capture these reptiles without harm, enabling us to remove them from your property and release them into a suitable natural habitat away from residential areas.

Knowledge is power when it comes to wildlife control. Learning to identify the snake species you’ve found is crucial, especially when distinguishing between a nonvenomous water snake and a dangerous venomous snake. Our professionals are equipped with the information and tools to properly identify the animals involved and decide the safest course of action for both the humans and pets living on the property, and the snake itself. For expert assistance and more detailed information on our services don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

At Rid-A-Critter, we also emphasize the importance of preventive measures. Homeowners can learn a lot about snake prevention, like using specially designed fences or natural repellents to dissuade snakes from entering certain areas of a property. Pets should be monitored, and homeowners should be alerted to the presence of snakes, as they can transmit diseases or cause injuries, enhancing concerns over having them on one’s property.

For those facing a snake problem, time is of the essence. Lightning-quick removal is key in controlling the situation before it escalates. Rat snakes, while nonvenomous, can cause an unsettling disruption, as can other common snakes. Whereas venomous snakes, such as rattlesnakes, present a clear and immediate danger to the inhabitants of the property. That’s where the expertise of Rid-A-Critter’s animal removal professionals truly shines. By offering tailored solutions to address the distinct needs of each property we service, we ensure that your snake problem is handled swiftly and efficiently, with the safety of everyone involved as our top priority.

Snakes of Georgia & Alabama

There are approximately 40 species of snakes found in Georgia & Alabama. But only six of these species are venomous (or “poisonous”) snakes:


    • Copperhead

    • Canebrake (or Timber) Rattlesnake

    • Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

    • Pygmy Rattlesnake

    • Water Moccasin (“Cottonmouth”)

    • Eastern Coral Snake.

Most of our Georgia & Alabama snakes are not venomous nor harmful in any way. But because many snakes have similar coloration, non-professionals often have a hard time telling them apart. For this reason, and because of the obvious risks associated with handling snakes, untrained people shouldn’t attempt to trap or remove snakes themselves.

Call us instead. We know how to tell dangerous snakes from harmless ones, and we have the know-how to safely remove any kind of snake from your property.

Learn About Our Expert Removal and Control Services for Venomous Snakes

Discovering venomous snakes on your property can be a legitimate cause for alarm. Our wildlife removal services are designed to confront any problem with venomous reptiles head-on. With a focus on eco-friendly and humane wildlife control methods, we have become a leader in resolving wildlife issues. Through our specialized services, we cater to those urgent calls for help to tackle the immediate removal of potentially dangerous snakes.

One might wonder, “How different are Rid-A-Critter’s services from the rest?” We believe in not just addressing the removal aspect but also the control aspect, sustaining a snake-free environment. With repeated wildlife calls, our team has crafted a humane yet effective strategy for both wildlife control and wildlife prevention. If you’re ever in a tight spot facing unwanted reptilian guests, don’t hesitate to contact Rid-A-Critter.

Contacting us brings you the immediate attention of professionals who are seasoned in the realm of wildlife control. When it comes to venomous snake issues, our wildlife services are top-notch, delivering not just removal but ensuring the snake control measures we implement are effective. Our approach is proactive and prevention-oriented, making your well-being and that of the local wildlife our priority. Our wildlife removal methodology respects the ecological balance while protecting your home or business from the problems posed by venomous interlopers.

The expertise Rid-A-Critter provides extends far beyond the simple task of removal; we imbue control with innovative strategies, advanced knowledge, and respect for nature’s creatures. Whether it’s a perilous rattlesnake in your backyard or a cottonmouth by your pond, you can rely on Rid-A-Critter’s steadfast services. Our wildlife control specialists bring forth unmatched skill in dealing with all sorts of wildlife problems, emphasizing the specialized removal of venomous snakes.

If venomous snakes are compromising your sense of security, it’s crucial to contact Rid-A-Critter for expert snake control and removal. We are committed to providing top-tier wildlife services, ensuring that your wildlife concerns are managed professionally. Striving for excellence in every aspect of wildlife control, we’re here to solve your wildlife problems with proficiency, care, and the utmost regard for safety. Reach out to us for an evaluation, and let’s keep venomous snakes where they belong – far away from your home.

When Should Homeowners Seek Snake Removal and Control Services

Encountering common snakes, such as rat snakes, garter snakes, and water snakes, around your property can be a typical experience. While many of these snakes live harmoniously in the wild, problems arise when they slither too close to our homes, endangering people, pets, and even local wildlife. This is when professional snake removal and snake control services like those provided by Rid-A-Critter become important for homeowners.

Frequently, snakes find their way into our homes in pursuit of prey like rats, rodents, and squirrels. These pests often attract snakes, which can inadvertently introduce venomous snakes into spaces shared with people and animals. Wildlife removal is not just about removing the immediate threat; it’s also about implementing long-term wildlife control. This is where expert pest control methods come into play, providing peace of mind to homeowners who worry about the potential diseases or threats posed by snake presence.

With non-venomous snakes, that depends on your feelings about snakes. Most snakes feed on rats, mice, other small mammals, and insects that can transmit disease or cause damage to farm or garden damages. Consequently, many people don’t mind sharing their lands with a few non-venomous snakes in return for their help keeping the vermin populations down. So unless snakes really creep you out, there’s no need to disturb non-venomous snakes. Unless you accidentally step on one, they’ll do no harm and much good.

Some people are deathly afraid of snakes, however, and just want them gone, whether they’re venomous or not. And, of course, most people (at least most people with a lick of sense) don’t want wild snakes slithering around in their beds, nor even in basements, living rooms, or sensitive outdoor areas like children’s sandboxes and play areas. No worries. If you have venomous snakes in your basement or elsewhere in your home or property, we can remove them. And if having even a few non-venomous snakes in your garden creeps you out, we can safely and humanely remove them and release them far from your home, where they won’t bother you again. The snakes may be a bit insulted, but they’ll get over it.

Snake prevention involves a multifaceted approach rooted in understanding the behaviors and habitats of both non-venomous and venomous snakes. Rat snakes, for example, might be beneficial in mitigating rodents but can still pose a risk if they become too comfortable in areas frequently used by people and pets. A water snake might seem innocuous lounging by a pond, but corrective steps must be taken when water snakes venture too close to human activity.

Employing proper snake traps and wildlife control measures ensures the safety of your home and its surroundings. However, it’s vital to recognize that not all snakes are harmful, and indiscriminate removal of non-venomous snakes can harm your local ecosystem. This is why wildlife removal should be conducted by knowledgeable professionals. Top-of-the-line pest control companies, such as Rid-A-Critter are adept at distinguishing between species that are simply passing through and those that have established residence on your property.

Homeowners should contact a professional pest control service like Rid-A-Critter for snake removal if they notice an increase in snake sightings or signs of nesting, indicative that snakes have taken residence in areas that might compromise human safety. Similarly, if pets seem agitated or fixated on a particular location, it could signify a hidden snake presence. The goal is to remove and control these wildlife encounters before they escalate into more serious confrontations, such as bites or aggressive encounters with venomous snakes.

For residents in Georgia and Alabama, seeking out specialized wildlife removal and control services becomes essential when dealing with snake invasions. Not only will this provide a safer environment for people and animals alike, but it will also ensure that the snake population is managed humanely and responsibly, keeping the natural order intact. When it comes to managing your snake concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to Rid-A-Critter. Our experienced team is positioned to handle your wildlife issues promptly and effectively, ensuring your property remains free of unwanted visitors.

Venomous Snake Control in Georgia & Alabama

Venomous snakes, of course, must be removed when they get too close to human-occupied buildings, farms, or recreation areas. The bites of venomous snakes can be fatal to humans, domestic animals, and livestock, so trapping venomous snakes is a job for professionals.

At Rid-A-Critter, our animal control technicians have advanced training in poisonous snake control. We’re the region’s leader in professional snake removal. We have fully-trained technicians living, working, and providing snake control services in Georgia & Alabama.


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