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Rid-A-Critter Animal Control Experts

Rid-A-Critter specializes in humanely removing wildlife from your home, church, school or other building or preventing these critters from entering in the first place. When you discover your home or building has been invaded by wildlife, you want swift removal of the animals and professional restoration of your property. Our service is backed by years of industry expertise, ensuring effective, responsible animal exclusion.


Who We Are

Founded in 2001 with a passion for client satisfaction and responsible practices, Rid-A-Critter is proud to be a long-time member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA). Licensed and insured and with a consistent A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating, we employ eco-friendly practices to remove wildlife from your home. With extensive experience in stinging insect control, wildlife behavior, animal removal and damage repair, our professional, friendly team will restore your property and bring you peace of mind.

Clients We Serve

Our clients include homes, schools, churches and other buildings of any size. We’re the professional team you can rely on for removal, sealing, prevention and restoring your property from wildlife contamination and damage.

How Does Rid-A-Critter Animal Removal Service Work?

We understand the unpleasantries that come when animals contaminate your home and appreciate your concern for the welfare of animals during the removal process. Rid-A-Critter animal removal service utilizes the following methods:

  • We employ eco-friendly practices by combining wildlife expertise with responsible animal control.
  • When we arrive at your property, we remove wildlife humanely, considering the animals’ safety.
  • Once we finish the removal, we replace any insulation that was damaged during the contamination or removal.
  • We’ll also seal all other open cracks, crevices and gaps to prevent re-contamination.
  • Rid-A-Critter knows animal removal and property repairs go hand in hand, so we expertly repair any damages caused by wildlife infestation.
  • Your property is restored to its pre-invasion condition for a seamless, pleasant result.

Our Values and Processes

We’ve built our company and services on professionalism and a passion for client satisfaction. Our comprehensive services offer you a complete solution to wildlife nuisances, from inspection to repairs. Rid-A-Critter values humane animal removal, which is paramount to responsible animal control and prevention. Our alliance with local wildlife experts reflects our commitment to eco-friendly methods you can depend on. Our promise to you is:

  • Roof to ground-level wildlife protection and prevention.
  • Humane methods that respect animal welfare.
  • Prompt, reliable service with attention to detail.
  • Expert assistance in safely and humanely dealing with stinging animals, carcasses and other wildlife.
  • Effective preventative measures to curb re-contamination.
  • Professional restoration of your property.
  • Warranted work that reflects our dedication.

Eco-Friendly Home Animal Removal and Prevention

Rid-A-Critter specializes in humane squirrel, bat, rodent, raccoon and miscellaneous animal removal so you can enjoy your home again without worrying about the animal’s welfare. Our responsive, professional team is highly skilled in preventing recurrence and restoring any damage done to your property caused by wildlife infestation or during the control process. 

Call your closest Rid-A-Critter today at the numbers below:

  • Georgia: 770-685-7756
  • Alabama: 205-255-1590
  • Nationwide: 888-255-0973

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