Bat Removal in Atlanta

Bat Removal and Exclusion Service in Atlanta, Georgia 

If you need a professional bat removal company, choose Rid-A-Critter. We use humane techniques and ensure the bats don’t come back by addressing the root of the issue and sealing up areas to prevent re-entry. We are the best choice for bat control in Atlanta because we address the aftermath of having bats in your space in addition to removing them. You can trust our team members, as we have extensive knowledge of local wildlife laws and bat breeding cycles. 

We truly are your one-stop solution for bat problems!

Bat Removal

Expert Bat Removal in Atlanta, Georgia 

Bats are a common home and business intruder, as they can easily squeeze into small and narrow cracks and slits in buildings. Our bat removal services include the following steps: 

  1. Inspection: We conduct a detailed inspection of your property to identify all potential entry points and bat activity areas. Our team examines your structure and climbs onto your roof to check for any damage. 
  2. Removal: We remove the bats humanely at the right time to protect your family. 
  3. Sanitation and repair: Our team performs sanitation and repairs to remove the guano and any other remaining elements that may harm your health.
  4. Exclusion: We focus on exclusion work, included in the removal service fee, to prevent bats from returning. Our bat exclusion process involves sealing all entry points with durable material. 

Sometimes, your insulation gets damaged and contaminated due to unwelcome bats and other invaders. If this is the case for you, Rid-A-Critter also offers insulation replacement services — quoted separately.

Why Should You Remove Bats From Your Home or Attic?

Removing bats is vital to protect yourself and your family and pets. Disturbing dried bat guano — bat droppings — results in guano dust forming in your attic. This dust often contains microscopic fungus pores that can cause histoplasmosis in humans when inhaled. Histoplasmosis is a respiratory disease that can be life-threatening to adults and infants with weak immune systems. This disease damages the lungs and fills them with fluid. 

Bats may also carry diseases such as rabies, which they can pass onto humans or animals through their saliva. These home invaders can spread fleas, bat bugs, mites and ticks, which can cause issues of their own, as well. By removing bats from your home, you ensure they cannot spread disease or pests to you, your family members or your visitors. You also enable them to live in their natural environment, which is much healthier for them, too.

Choose Rid-A-Critter for Expert Bat Control in Atlanta

Our bat removal services in Atlanta cover everything from rooftop to ground level and all areas in between. We seal all gaps, cracks and crevices to keep bats and other animals out, and we stand behind our work with warranties. 

Contact us today to get expert help or request a quote so that we can encourage your bat guests to find a new home with our environmentally friendly services. We operate every day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

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