Rodent Removal in Atlanta

Rodent Removal in Atlanta, Georgia

Rid-A-Critter, better known as the Atlanta rat catchers, provides responsible rodent control services in Atlanta, Georgia. We do not believe in the extermination of rodents but rather a humane removal approach. 

Our rodent removal services cover the rooftop to the ground level and everything in between — the full scope of rodent infestation. We seal all gaps, cracks and crevices to keep animals out.

Note: All our rodent removal prices include exclusionary work. We don’t believe in quick-fix solutions. If one rodent got in, more are sure to follow. That’s why we focus on sealing up your home to take care of the heart of the issue, protecting your family from home damage and diseases.

Signs You May Have Rodents

Here are some common indicators that you may have rodents in your home:

  • Droppings: Adult mice pellets are about ¼ inch long. These droppings look like seeds and are usually black, but they lose their color over time. 
  • Gnaw marks: Rodents chew on furniture, electrical wires, flooring, insulation and other items. Look out for signs of chewing and clawing — you might be able to hear them chewing. Rodents chewing often sounds like heavy scratching. 
  • Nesting materials: Rodents love to make their nests out of paper or fabric, so if you see a pile of these items, you’re likely looking at their new home. 
  • Strange noises: If you hear scratching, squeaking or scurrying sounds, it’s time to have a professional inspect your home. Rodents are typically active at night, so you may hear sounds coming from the walls, ceilings or floors. 
  • Visible rodents: If you spot rats or mice in your home, this is a strong indicator that there are more. If you see one during the daytime, their nest may have become overpopulated.
  • Bad smells: When rodents move in, bad smells move in with them. They will leave droppings and urine in your attic, cabinets and walls. This mess creates a bad odor that lingers around your home. 
  • Unusual pet behavior: If your pets suddenly become fixated on a particular area of your home or show unusual behavior, such as pawing at walls or sniffing intensely, it could be a sign of rodents. 

Don’t worry — we have the training and expertise to spot the most subtle signs of rodents and remove them responsibly.

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Rodent Removal in Atlanta

Rid-A-Critter’s professional team will conduct a thorough assessment of your property to determine where the rodents are nesting. Our skilled team will also examine the damage the rodents have caused before planning the next steps. We catch and remove all rodents living rent-free in your home by strategically placing traps near nesting areas. 

Sanitation and Repair Services for Rodent Infestation 

Beyond our rodent exclusion services in Atlanta, we offer sanitation and repair services to restore your home to its pristine state. Our solutions are not quick fixes — they’re long-term. Rodents chew right through insulation, leave droppings and urinate on insulation. Our team installs new insulation and brings your home’s hygiene back up to par.

Get Professional Rodent Control in Atlanta With Rid-A-Critter

We stand behind our work and provide lifetime-renewable warranty services for peace of mind. If you need rodent removal services in the Atlanta area, contact us today or request a quote — you’ll be one step closer to saying goodbye to your unwanted guests.

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