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Bat Removal and Exclusion in North Georgia

The Bats of Georgia

Two bats peeking out from between the slats of a gable vent before they were removed and sealed out of the house.

Bat removal is one of our most-needed services.

The busiest "bat season" in Georgia begins around March and extends through to the fall, with the busiest time being the hottest part of the summer; but because our winters tend to be mild, we do get the occasional bat control call even in the middle of the winter.

Bats are very misunderstood animals. There's a lot of misinformation about bats out there, and too many people are needlessly afraid of them.

Let's take a quick look at these fascinating creatures and dispel some misconceptions, starting with one of the most common ones:

First of All, Bats are Not Rodents

Please don't call bats "flying rodents." They get highly offended. They're not rodents. And they're not birds, either.

Bats are mammals who belong to the order Chiroptera, which means "winged hand." A bat's front limbs have membranes between their metacarpals and phalanges (basically, their "fingers") that form true, aerodynamic wings.

These wings enable bats to take off from a resting position, ascend, and fly, making bats the only true flying mammals.

Bats are Overwhelmingly Beneficial Animals

Non-lethal bat traps installed outside, under the edge of the roof, at the Solid Granite building in Elberton, Georgia.

Non-lethal bat traps installed along the roof of the Solid Granite building in Elberton.

There are at least 16 species of bats in Georgia, of which the Big Brown Bat (Eptesicus fuscus) and the Little Brown Bat (Myotis lucifugus) are the species most commonly encountered as nuisance wildlife.

Bats play an important role in the ecosystem by consuming countless insects, including mosquitoes, during their nightly flights. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a single bat can eat between 600 and 1000 insects every hour. Multiply that by the number of bats flying around every night, and then think about how many mosquito bites the bats are preventing. Kind of makes you appreciate bats, doesn't it?

In fact, bats' insatiable hunger for insects is one reason why bats are protected under both federal law and state laws. Bats feed on insects that are pests of man and which often carry diseases, making bats important allies in fighting vector-borne diseases.

When is Bat Control Needed?

Bat control technician on a ladder performing bat control for the City of Gainesville Water Authority, with bats flying around him. 

Bat removal and exclusion for the City of Gainesville Water Authority

It's only when bats get into attics, structural voids, church steeples, bell towers, and other areas of buildings that bat removal is allowed. When bats get into buildings used by humans or domestic animals, they can cause serious health hazards:

In densely populated cities, bat control is especially important from a public health point of view.

Bat Bugs

Bat Bug found at a bat removal job.

Bat Bug found at a bat removal job.

Bat bugs are another problem commonly associated with bats. Bat bugs are very closely related to bed bugs. Its nearly impossible to distinguish between the two by the naked eye. The usual means of identification is the surroundings in which the insects are found.

Sometimes after a bat-removal job, bat bugs will migrate into the human-occupied area of a home and start feeding on people instead of bats. They can't survive forever this way and they can't reproduce without bat blood, but they can live for a mighty long time -- several months, or maybe even a year -- on human blood. Over time, their populations can become very large, sometimes even necessitating a costly bat bug-control job.

Bat Control and Exclusion

Because they are overwhelmingly beneficial animals, bat control must be performed without harming the bats. The goal is humane bat removal and relocation, not "bat extermination." At Rid-A-Critter, we have always practiced humane, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly bat relocation. We're not "bat exterminators." We're bat conservation professionals. We get the bats out of your house and seal your house to keep them out permanently, but we don't kill them. We remove bats from your property alive so they can find a more suitable place to live.

Two bat control experts in a bucket truck performing bat removal in McDonough, Georgia

Bat control job in McDonough, Georgia

We also clean up after the bats, seeing as how we evicted them without notice. We can remove hazardous guano (droppings) and other bat by-products, and can provide replacement of contaminated insulation, if needed. (Please note that guano removal and insulation replacement, if needed, are quoted separately from bat removal and exclusion.)

Our comprehensive bat control program consists of bat removal, bat exclusion (sealing up your house to prevent bats from getting in), and sometimes installing "bat houses" to provide alternative places for bats to live. We also acquire any necessary bat control permits to make sure that the job is done in full compliance with state and local requirements.

North Georgia Bat Removal Gallery

Here are a few pictures of some of the many bat control and exclusion jobs we've worked on throughout North Georgia.

With offices throughout North Georgia, Rid-A-Critter has the tools and personnel to handle any bat removal job, no matter how big or how small. If you have a problem with bats, please call us today for an on-site inspection by an experienced bat control expert. The longer you have bats in your house, the more of a mess they make.


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Bat guano on a glass deck table was surefire evidence of bats that need to be removed from the attic of a house in Hiawassee, Georgia. Our bat-removal crew will also animal-proof the roof and replace the attic insulation.
by Webmaster
May 17, 2022 09:34:56 am.

A crew doing bat removal in Young Harris, Georgia is just about done with the wildlife-exclusion stage of the job. Once that's done, the next step will be removing the attic insulation, which is full of bat guano, and replacing in it fresh, clean, energy-efficient new insulation.
by Webmaster
May 13, 2022 09:55:07 am.

A circular gable vent with no screen on it is the reason a house in Gainesville, Georgia needs bats removed from the attic. The bats got into the house through the gaps between the slats in the gable vent. We'll screen the vent and animal-proof the house to keep bats and other wildlife out of the attic.
by Webmaster
May 12, 2022 10:47:25 am.

Chris C. is doing a bat-removal inspection in the attic of a Carrollton, Georgia home. The homeowner says that the bats are getting into the attic through gaps along the edges of the roof, which most likely is true. That's the cause of a lot of bat problems in attics.
by Webmaster
May 11, 2022 09:21:54 am.

Our North Georgia office has a crew doing bat removal and exclusion in Norcross. A half-inch gap running along the edge of the roof allowed a colony of bats to take up residence in the attic.
by Webmaster
May 10, 2022 09:19:40 am.

Heading to a snake call in Griffin Ga.
by Jason Arruda
May 09, 2022 02:31:20 pm.

The guano dripping through the perforated holes in the soffit panel was proof positive of a colony of bats that need to be removed from the attic of a house in Young Harris, Georgia. Once the bats are gone, we'll also animal-proof the roof to keep bats and other wildlife out, cart away the guano, and replace the insulation.
by Webmaster
May 09, 2022 09:59:34 am.

Our North Georgia Bat Conservation Specialists are Checking Out a Report of Bat Guano Dripping Through the Soffit Panel at a Cleveland, Georgia Home
by Webmaster
May 09, 2022 09:52:42 am.

The guano from a large colony of bats in the attic of a Woodstock, Georgia home is starting to rot away the wooden soffit panel. Even though bats don't do gnaw damage on building materials, their guano is very corrosive and causes damage to both metal and wood.
by Webmaster
May 09, 2022 09:46:37 am.

Bats and carpenter bees are flying , Hampton to Ellen, off to demorest, snakes in Hoschton.
by Chris Collender
May 05, 2022 08:49:43 am.

Bats and carpenter bees are in full effect, From Rome, ga to Hampton, ga, then off to Atlanta. Busy times
by Chris Collender
Apr 28, 2022 11:15:13 am.

A three-eights inch gap running along the edge of the roof was all the space bats needed to get into the attic of a house in Rome, Georgia. We have an inspector at the house scheduling it for bat removal and exclusion, as well as guano removal and insulation replacement.
by Webmaster
Apr 22, 2022 09:12:23 am.

A gap of about half an inch between the roof sheathing and the rain gutter allowed a colony of bats into the attic of a house in Alpharetta. Chris is heading out there to inspect the situation and come up with a bat removal and exclusion plan.
by Webmaster
Apr 14, 2022 09:05:15 am.

Busy critter day today, went to locus grove for some bats, Riverdale to get some squirrels, several Atlanta stops, of course rats, then ended in Marietta, rats again
by Chris Collender
Apr 11, 2022 07:25:46 pm.

Beautiful weather, bats are flying, and squirrels are breading, good times. Athens to snellville, over to Stone Mountain, then out to Atlanta
by Chris Collender
Apr 08, 2022 09:31:43 am.

Rain, rain go away, Chris C wants to do Some quotes today, Morganton(flyers), Carrollton(rats), College Park(raccoons), Brookhaven(squirrels)
by Chris Collender
Apr 05, 2022 02:15:46 pm.

Normal settling of the roof pushed out the eaves and opened up a three quarter inch gap between the soffit and the brick walls that allowed bats into the attic of a Canton, Georgia home. We'll inspect the attic for bat removal and animal exclusion this afternoon.
by Webmaster
Apr 05, 2022 09:18:38 am.

Macon, Warner Robins, Perry and Forsyth Ga today bidding jobs and warranty services. Got crews all over south Ga as well sealing homes against bats and squirrels.
by Jason Arruda
Apr 04, 2022 02:12:52 pm.

Chris is heading out to inspect a house and give a quote bat removal and exclusion at a house in Young Harris.
by Webmaster
Apr 04, 2022 09:10:01 am.

Customer in Macon Ga.called in having issues with snakes entering her basement. Going out there now.
by Jason Arruda
Apr 01, 2022 10:28:59 am.

Mouse droppings in the pantry? Bats in the gables? Rats overtaking your living area? Squirrels nesting in your attic? Noises in the walls? Scratching noises coming from you attic? Snakes in your crawl space? We handle them all.
by Jason Arruda
Mar 31, 2022 04:29:56 pm.

Got critters? Squirrels, bats,rats, raccoons, birds etc. Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee give a call for a free consultation.
by Jason Arruda
Mar 31, 2022 12:34:04 pm.

Newnan this morning for raccoons, then off to sharpsburg for mice and down to Atlanta for rats.
by Chris Collender
Mar 29, 2022 02:15:53 pm.

We're starting a bat removal and exclusion job at a stone house in Roswell, Georgia this afternoon. Stone houses are especially vulnerable to bat problems because the irregular surface of the stone walls creates many gaps that bats can use to get into the house. All of those gaps will have to be identified and sealed to make the house bat-proof.
by Webmaster
Mar 29, 2022 09:48:45 am.

We're finishing up a bat removal and exclusion job in Gainesville this morning. After that, the same crew will be heading to Roswell, also for bat removal. Bats are very active this time of year.
by Webmaster
Mar 29, 2022 09:45:28 am.

One of Our Wildlife-Management Crews is Repairing a Handyman's Botched Attempt at Bat Exclusion in Young Harris, Georgia
by Webmaster
Mar 29, 2022 09:35:35 am.

A gap in the soffit right under the peak of the roof is allowing bats into the attic of a house in Canton. One of our North Georgia bat removal crews will seal the gap to keep bats, along with other nuisance wildlife and pests, out of the attic.
by Webmaster
Mar 28, 2022 10:35:25 am.

Greasy stains on the roof fascia were the first evidence of a colony of bats that need to be removed from the attic of a Buford, Georgia home. Bats are reclusive, nocturnal animals that are seldom seen during the day. But they do leave stains and other evidence that make their presence obvious to the trained eye.
by Webmaster
Mar 25, 2022 08:28:27 am.

A gap of about five-eighths of an inch between the end of the soffit and the stone chimney will have to be sealed as part of an Alpharetta bat-removal job. On the bright side, sealing that gap will also keep larger animals and rodent pests out of the attic.
by Webmaster
Mar 25, 2022 08:14:38 am.

Crazy week so far, bats and carpenter bees are in full swing, from Athens to Suwannee, over to Duluth then to Alpharetta and Atlanta. Now this morning, I am in conyers with rats and squirrels
by Chris Collender
Mar 23, 2022 10:48:04 am.

One of Our Wildlife Control Crew is Sealing a Bat Gap into the Attic at a Dawsonville, Georgia Bat Removal and Exclusion Job
by Webmaster
Mar 23, 2022 10:01:08 am.

This morning we're finishing up a bat-exclusion job in Acworth; and this afternoon we'll be starting one in Alpharetta. Spring is a busy time of year for bats, who eat mosquitoes and other insects for a living.
by Webmaster
Mar 23, 2022 09:01:27 am.

Rid-A-Critter provides humane bat removal and exclusion in all of North Georgia, including Athens, Atlanta, Alpharetta, Canton, Carrollton, Cartersville, Cumming, Dacula, Doraville, Dunwoody, Ellijay, Flowery Branch, Gainesville, Jasper, Lawrenceville, Loganville, Macon, Milton, Norcross, Rome, Roswell, Suwanee, Villa Rica, Winston, Woodstock, and everywhere in between.

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