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Carpenter Bee Control and Damage Repair

Carpenter bee drilling holes in the railing of a wooden deck before a pest control technician treated the wood.

Carpenter bees are stocky bees that look a lot like bumblebees. One easy way to tell them apart is that a carpenter bee's abdomen is smooth and shiny, but a bumble bee's abdomen is hairy.

Carpenter bees can be annoying and even scary to some people. They fly through the air, chasing each other around at breakneck speeds during their mating rituals; and their aggressive flight generates an audible buzz, so they can can appear very intimidating and menacing.

But it's all just a show. Male carpenter bees don't have stingers, and the females rarely sting. Most carpenter bee exterminators don't even wear bee suits when removing carpenter bees.

Carpenter bees are also pollinators and, in that regard, are beneficial insects. Like all true bees, they travel from flower to flower gathering nectar and distributing pollen.

Carpenter Bee Damage

As pollinators who rarely sting, carpenter bees are among the more likable bees. But they do have one very annoying and expensive habit: Carpenter bees drill holes.

In fact, carpenter bees drill precise, perfectly round holes in wood to make galleries in which to lay their eggs. Once they bore their way inside the wood, they bore out tunnels and lay eggs in them. Over time, they can cause costly and extensive damage to the wood of houses, decks, lawn and patio furniture, playground equipment, and fences.

Carpenter bee problems can be especially serious in Georgia because of our many fine, old, historic wooden buildings. In our many historic cities, carpenter bee removal takes on even more importance because of historic preservation considerations.

In addition to causing potentially costly structural damage, carpenter bees create unsightly stains when wax and by-products drip from the holes. These ugly stains can be very difficult to remove or paint over and may necessitate replacing the damaged wood simply for aesthetic reasons.

Carpenter Bee Control

Rid-A-Critter provides professional carpenter bee control and carpenter bee damage repair in Northern and Central Georgia, no matter where on your property the bees are nesting. We have the equipment and know-how to handle any carpenter bee job — even when the carpenter bees are nesting in high-up, hard-to-reach areas like roof soffits and fascia boards.

Carpenter bee exterminator on a ladder leaning against a log cabin in North Macon, Georgia

Carpenter bee control often requires working high up in the air, as at this carpenter bee removal job in North Macon.

Repairing even minor carpenter bee damage can be very difficult and hazardous because carpenter bees often drill holes in soffits, roof fascia boards, and other areas that are high up and require ladders or scaffolding. Repairing carpenter bee damage isn't a do-it-yourself kind of job.

That's why we also offer carpenter bee damage repair, in addition to carpenter bee extermination. We have the equipment and the know-how to do it safely and do it right, ranging from long ladders to cherry pickers and platform lift trucks. We also have technicians who aren't afraid of heights. It's kind of a requirement for the job.

For a prompt, professional carpenter bee removal estimate by one of our highly trained technicians and his fancy equipment, please contact us today.

Carpenter Bee Gallery

Here are some pictures of carpenter bees and carpenter bee removal jobs we've done.

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Carpenter bee holes in the wood and waxy stains on the wall on the outside of a house in Acworth Georgia.
Carpenter bee damage and stains in Acworth
Three carpenter bee holes in the wooden timbers of a house in Blue Ridge Georgia need to be repaired once the carpenter bees are treated.
Carpenter bee damage to a house in Blue Ridge
Perfectly round carpenter bee hole in a timber with waxy frass on a window screen right under it at a house in Alpharetta Georgia.
Carpenter bee hole in a house in Alpharetta
Several carpenter bee holes in the rough sawed wooden roof rake of a house in Roswell Georgia.
Carpenter bee holes in a house in Roswell
Fresh carpenter bee holes and sawdust in the logs of a log cabin in Jasper Georgia.
Carpenter bee damage at a house in Jasper
Man on a ladder repairing damage that carpenter bees did to the wooden trim at the peak of a house in Dunwoody Georgia
Repairing carpenter bee damage in Dunwoody
Carpenter bee wax stains on the trim of a house in Roswell
Carpenter bee wax stains at a house in Roswell
Carpenter bee drilling a hole in a piece of wood
Carpenter bee drilling a hole in a piece of wood
Carpenter bee on the wood behind the gutter starting to drill a hole into a house in Carrollton Georgia
Carpenter bee drilling into a home in Carrollton
Close up of a carpenter bee on a flower that is lying on a picnic table
Close up of a carpenter bee
Carpenter bee stains on the frieze board of a house in Suwanee Georgia
Carpenter bee stains on a house in Suwanee
Two carpenter bees gathering nectar from orange flowers
Carpenter bees gathering nectar from flowers
Split photo of before and after carpenter bee job, showing the holes that were patched up
Before and after carpenter bee control job
Carpenter bee stains on the painted wood of a house, under the roof eaves
Carpenter bee stains under the eaves of a house
Carpenter bee holes in the wooden rafter of the roof of a house
Carpenter bee holes in the wood of a house
Carpenter bee holes with wax stains in the wooden structural members of a house
Carpenter bee holes in the wood of a house
Carpenter bee holes and wax stains on the exterior of a log cabin in Ellijay, Georgia
Carpenter bee damage to a log cabin in Ellijay
Carpenter bee underneath a deck railing drilling a hole
Carpenter bee drilling a hole in a deck railing
Carpenter bees and woodpecker damage to a Dallas, Georgia home
Carpenter bees often attract woodpeckers
Close-up of a carpenter bee on a yellow flower in Stockbridge, Georgia
Carpenter bee on a flower in Stockbridge
Man installing screening to keep carpenter bees out of a roof
Installing screening to keep carpenter bees out
Damage to log home found at a Roswell, Georgia carpenter bee control job
Damage to wood at Roswell carpenter bee job
Carpenter bee on a wooden deck in Powder Springs, Georgia
Carpenter bee on a deck in Powder Springs
Sawdust from carpenter bee drilling in a fence in Norcross, Georgia
Carpenter bee damage to a fence in Norcross
Very high ladder, viewed from the top looking down on a man moving it
Carpenter bee control in Norcross
A pile of sawdust found at a Locust Grove, Georgia carpenter bee job
Carpenter bee frass (sawdust) in Locust Grove
Carpenter bee holes in a log cabin
Carpenter bee control job at a log cabin
Man on a ladder performing carpenter bee treatment
Carpenter bees often build nests in high places
Carpenter bee on a wooden deck in Jackson County, Georgia
Carpenter bee in Jackson County, Georgia
Pile of carpenter bee frass from an Atlanta carpenter bee control job
Carpenter bee frass (sawdust) from a single hole

For help with carpenter bee removal or any stinging problem, please call us today.


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Albany Ga today quoting bat removal/Exclusion.
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Treated a deck in Buford Ga for bees. Going back next week to caulk the holes.
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Apr 26, 2023 01:11:02 pm.

Calls coming in from bats to squirrels and everything in between. Visiting homes in the Fayetteville, Griffin, Newnan areas today. Exclusions are being scheduled! Happy Tuesday
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On route to Dallas GA for a Carpenter Bee job. The customer lives in a beautiful log cabin thats being chewed out like crazy from the bees. Hoping to get these bees treated and give this customer some relief.
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Rain rain go away, in Stone Mountain today
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Mar 27, 2023 11:18:39 am.

In Oglethorpe, Montezuma, Vienna and Byron Ga. today quoting homes Wildlife Exclusions that has Bats and squirrels.
by Jason Arruda
Mar 23, 2023 11:31:15 am.

Rid-A-Critter provides carpenter bee control and damage repair in all of North Georgia, including Athens, Atlanta, Alpharetta, Canton, Carrollton, Cartersville, Cumming, Dacula, Doraville, Ellijay, Flowery Branch, Gainesville, Jasper, Lawrenceville, Loganville, Macon, Milton, Norcross, Rome, Roswell, Suwanee, Villa Rica, Winston, Woodstock, Young Harris, and everywhere in between.

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