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Squirrel Removal and Squirrel-Proofing in North Georgia

Squirrel trapper's hand poking through a hole in the roof, with his hat on top of the roof

Squirrel hole found in a roof at a squirrel-proofing job

Squirrels are furry rodents who are more closely related to rats than any self-respecting squirrel is willing to admit.

The most common squirrels in our area are the gray squirrel and the flying squirrel. Both of these critters spend much of their time in trees, attics, and other high places, but there are some differences. This page deals with gray squirrel removal; please click here for information on flying squirrel control.

In North Georgia, gray squirrel removal is in demand pretty much all year. The demand usually peaks in the fall and winter, however, and there's usually a short lull during June and July when the squirrels tend to stay outdoors.

When squirrels get into the attics and soffits of our homes or businesses, they become serious nuisance animals because they can cause serious damage, make quite a mess, and present a fire hazard. That's why squirrels in an attic are very unwelcome visitors and must be trapped and removed. In nature, they're harmless rodents. In houses, not so much.

Squirrels are also believed to be responsible for many thousands of house fires every year due to their habit of gnawing on the electrical wiring in houses. They also drag flammable materials into a home to use as nesting materials. The fire risk caused by squirrels is of special concern here in Georgia, where we have so many irreplaceable historic buildings.

Squirrels in attics also create a health risk by way of their urine, droppings, and shed parasites. That's one of the reasons why after we remove squirrels from your home's attic, we also clean up the mess they made and apply disinfectants and insecticides, if needed, to remove odors and kill displaced parasites.

The long and short of it is that when squirrels move into human-occupied buildings, they have to be humanely trapped, removed, and relocated.

Signs that You May Have a Squirrel Problem

Most people realize they have a squirrel problem when they hear scratching noises in the attic or walls. Squirrels usually are the culprits; but sometimes mice, rats or birds can get into attics and wall voids and make similar noises.

Other common signs of a squirrel problem include gnawing or other damage to the attic or items stored there, droppings, urine, stored acorns or shells, burrows through the insulation, or gnawed wiring.

Determining whether the animals in your attic are squirrels or some other critters requires a combination of old-fashioned know-how and high-tech gadgetry. Our motion-sensitive, infrared Attic Cam can positively identify which animal is in your attic, as well as help us know how the critters are getting in and out.

Keeping Squirrels Out of Your Home

The best way to deal with squirrels in your home is to trap, remove, and relocate any existing squirrels using safe, humane, non-chemical methods; and then to seal up your house to keep new squirrels and other wildlife from getting in. We call this squirrel exclusion or squirrel proofing. It's just another way of saying that we seal up your house to keep squirrels out of the attic.

Squirrel exclusion is challenging and hazardous wildlife-control work. It's also painstaking to do well. It's definitely not a do-it-yourself or "handyman" sort of job. Permanently sealing squirrels out of a building is physically difficult work that requires specialized equipment and a keen knowledge of squirrel behavior. It also requires working in high places using long ladders, scaffolding, or bucket trucks ("cherry pickers").

Don't waste your time or endanger your life trying do-it-yourself squirrel removal, nor waste your money with handymen who don't have the equipment and know-how to do the job right. Call us instead for humane, long-lasting squirrel removal and exclusion that's backed by the best warranty in the business.

Squirrel Removal Gallery

Here are some randomly-selected pictures of squirrel removal work we've done in North Georgia.

These pictures represent only a small sample of the thousands of North Georgia squirrel-removal and squirrel-proofing jobs we've done. We have the tools and personnel to handle any squirrel control job and do it at a reasonable cost, so please call us today for an inspection and consultation.


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Today we're heading out to Dunwoody, Georgia to replace a squirrel-damaged soffit panel. We'll also be humanely trapping the squirrels and releasing them unharmed to the forest.
by Webmaster
Jul 14, 2020 11:01:50 am.

Squirrels climbed a downspout to get into the attic of a house in Woodstock, Georgia. We have a crew on their way to trap and remove the squirrels and seal the house to keep squirrels and other wildlife out of the attic.
by Webmaster
Jul 13, 2020 10:51:31 am.

Our North Georgia crew is trapping and removing squirrels from the attic of a house in Carrollton, Georgia. The squirrels gnawed a hole through the soffit panel to get into the attic, so we'll repair that damage, as well.
by Webmaster
Jul 09, 2020 10:51:40 am.

Our North Georgia office has techs at a house in Woodstock repairing both water damage and squirrel damage to the soffit of a house. Water damage and animal damage often go hand in hand.
by Webmaster
Jul 07, 2020 10:39:11 am.

Our North Georgia office has a technician on his way to remove a trapped squirrel from the attic of a house in Villa Rica. All trapped animals are removed as quickly as possible, and in no event more than 24 hours after being caught.
by Webmaster
Jul 03, 2020 10:32:12 am.

Video of Bats Sealed Out of a House in Blairsville, Georgia
by Webmaster
Jul 02, 2020 10:24:35 am.

A Gray Squirrel Gnawed through the Aluminum Siding of a House in Villa Rica, Georgia
by Webmaster
Jun 29, 2020 11:05:08 am.

We have a team working trapping and removing the squirrels from the attic of a house in Dunwoody, Georgia today. They're also repairing the squirrel damage and animal-proofing the roof to keep squirrels and other wildlife out of the attic.
by Webmaster
Jun 29, 2020 10:58:18 am.

One of our crews is replacing an old, rotted crawl space door to keep Norway rats out of a house in Colbert, Georgia. Once the rats are sealed out, we'll set traps to remove the rats that are already in the house.
by Webmaster
Jun 26, 2020 11:41:21 am.

Video of Justin Repairing Squirrel Damage at a House in Lawrenceville, Georgia
by Webmaster
Jun 26, 2020 11:08:41 am.

Later on today we'll be sending technicians to replace a soffit panel to keep squirrels out of the attic of a house in Woodstock, Georgia. There's also a water damage issue that they'll be repairing while they're there.
by Webmaster
Jun 24, 2020 11:00:30 am.

Jason and Justin Deodorizing an Attic After Animal Removal
by Webmaster
Jun 24, 2020 10:10:29 am.

A Gray Squirrel Chewed its Way Through a Soffit Panel in Ringgold, Georgia
by Webmaster
Jun 23, 2020 10:41:39 am.

We have a crew on their way to trap and remove squirrels from the attic of a house in Roswell, Georgia. We'll also seal up the roof to keep squirrels out of the attic.
by Webmaster
Jun 12, 2020 10:27:09 am.

Gray Squirrels Chewed their Way into the Attic of this Roswell, Georgia Home
by Webmaster
Jun 12, 2020 09:53:56 am.

Video of Jason A Releasing an Opossum Removed from a House in Griffin, Georgia
by Webmaster
Jun 05, 2020 05:51:46 am.

Tim and Justin are trapping and removing squirrels from the attic of a house in Dunwoody, Georgia, and sealing the roof to keep animals out of the attic.
by Webmaster
Jun 04, 2020 11:08:05 am.

Video of Serious Rat Damage at a Warehouse in Suwanee, Georgia
by Webmaster
Jun 04, 2020 10:54:35 am.

News: CDC Warns that COVID-19 Lockdowns are Making Rats and Mice More Desperate
by Webmaster
May 27, 2020 09:43:37 am.

One of our crews in working at a house in Dunwoody, Georgia trapping and removing a family of squirrels from the attic.
by Webmaster
May 26, 2020 10:17:42 am.

Our North Georgia office has a team repairing squirrel damage to the roof of a house in Suwanee, Georgia.
by Webmaster
May 26, 2020 10:15:52 am.

A Web site visitor from Rydal, Georgia just found squirrel droppings in the attic of her house. We're on our way to check out the problem.
by Webmaster
May 21, 2020 11:06:03 am.

Gray Squirrel Damage to a Gable Vent at a House in Canton, Georgia
by Webmaster
May 19, 2020 11:00:16 am.

A rat-control crew from our North Georgia office is on its was to seal Norway rats out of a brick house in Dalton, Georgia.
by Webmaster
May 18, 2020 10:34:55 am.

We're headed out to a cabin in North Georgia to repair a knot hole in the siding that squirrels used to get into the house.
by Webmaster
May 18, 2020 10:18:16 am.

A Gray Squirrel Gnawed a Hole through the Sheetrock at a House in Alpharetta, Georgia
by Webmaster
May 12, 2020 10:00:16 am.

Serious Squirrel Damage to the Roof Fascia of a House in Roswell, Georgia
by Webmaster
May 12, 2020 09:51:34 am.

We Found Evidence of Squirrels in the Attic of a House in Blue Ridge, Georgia
by Webmaster
May 07, 2020 10:48:06 am.

Video of Justin Sealing Rats and Mice Out of a Loading Dock
by Webmaster
Apr 30, 2020 10:02:16 am.

A team of bat-removal technicians is sealing the soffit of a house in Morgantown, Georgia to keep bats out of the attic.
by Webmaster
Apr 23, 2020 10:47:04 am.

Cute Young Squirrels Removed from the Attic of a House in Dunwoody, Georgia
by Webmaster
Apr 22, 2020 10:36:08 am.

Here's a Gray Squirrel Hole in a Soffit Panel in Dalton, Georgia
by Webmaster
Apr 20, 2020 10:16:40 am.

Rid-A-Critter provides squirrel removal and squirrel-proofing in all of North Georgia, including Athens, Atlanta, Alpharetta, Canton, Carrollton, Cartersville, Cumming, Dacula, Doraville, Dunwoody, Ellijay, Flowery Branch, Gainesville, Kennesaw, Jasper, Lawrenceville, Loganville, Macon, Milton, Norcross, Rome, Roswell, Suwanee, Villa Rica, Winston, Woodstock, and everywhere in between.

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